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nicoandmartin launch Owl Music, an album for night-time…

2015’s Artists-in-Residence nicoandmartin will return to Killruddery on Ocotber 8th to launch their new album Owl Music. Owl Music is a circular nocturne of original instrumental lullaby with interludes of sea, played on double bass, piano, harp, concertina, guitar, shruti and sansula, created by musicians Nico Brown and Martin Brunsden. 

Nico Brown and Martin Brunsden have been playing music together for more than 20 years. Professional performers and composers, their album for families ‘Out Of The Door Of The Ark’, was re-released in 2014.

Owl Music‘ has been 5 years in the making. We have families of our own and we’ve worked with families long enough to know how important bedtime listening nm13is. So we started recording a seamless bedtime concert of instrumental lullaby music for children and their parents.

When it was finished, and we asked friends of all ages for their reactions, we realised it was perhaps an album for children, their parents, and for anyone else who likes gentle listening at the close of day – or at any other time. Andy pointed out we had a nocturne on our hands.

nm10It did put Rosie (7) – and Nancy (5) – and Neal (60) to sleep. Fionnuala says “I listened to Owl Music while giving birth to my daughter Evelyn and found it cocooning, soothing and transformative.”. Meg found it good music to make puppets to. Kristin said it sounded like a story, a hero’s journey. Simon thought it Satiesque. Didier in Brittany said (in French) it was perfect late-night cafe music, and Guy loved the idea of it being for smooching night-birds. Anto suggested a lie-down launch…

Singer-songwriter Lisa Lambe will make a guest appearance at the launch, which Fionnuala & Anthony will be hosting.

Facebook and Twitter: @nicoandmartin

We are delighted that this summer at Killruddery singer and actress Lisa Lambe will be Artist in Residence.
Lisa’s first album, ‘Hiding Away’, was recorded in Nashville and was received to much acclaim in Ireland , US and Europe. For her forthcoming album, Lisa is delighted to create,capture and record the project on home ground.

Lisa will be here at various times throughout the year with collaborators Martin Brunsden and Fiachna Ó Braonáin to explore and record new songsparks as they work towards their emerging new album. The trio have found in each other a natural simple symbiosis which draws on various musical roots to produce a gentle and heartfelt world of song

Martin plays double bass and singing saw. He has worked with holy men and women, artists, musicians, poets, sculptors and theatre companies – as well as a magnificent herd of children.

Fiachna has worked with African gospel singers, Moroccan tribesmen, Texan swingers and Irish balladeers as well as performing with his own band Hothouse Flowers for over thirty years. He also takes regular holidays on the radio!

Lisa has said that, “As an artist the magic, beauty, history and tranquillity all combine to inspire us greatly here in this special place. Fiachna, Martin and I are thrilled and delighted at this incredible opportunity to create and develop our music for our forthcoming album here in such a unique atmosphere. Killruddery House and Gardens is our oasis of creativity where time stands still to let the music flow freely in beautiful surroundings. It is part of the tapestry we weave.”

We can’t wait to hear what they weave but in the meantime have a listen to this:


Twin Headed Wolf

As part of Killruddery Silent Film Festival (19th – 21st September), the Twin Headed Wolf will invent a live Silent Film, the narrative of which will reveal itself as guests are escorted around the garden, with scenes unfolding in various selected locations. They will work with professional actors and performers, and live music will accompany the show! Expect the unexpected!

This show will begin at 5pm on Saturday and will repeat at 3.15 on Sunday.
Regular Garden Entrance applies for the day i.e 6.50 for adults and children under 12 free. Free to members and festival ticket holders. Booking is not necessary.

For those of you who have registered for Culture Nights, Evening of Light in the Gardens: Twin Headed Wolf will also perform a fire procession around 8.45pm near the Long Ponds, there will be a repeat for audience exiting the Buster Keaton’s screening in the Library!
Please note general reservations to The Evening of Light (19th of September) places are now fully booked.
There are still allocated places left for the Buster Keaton screening (8.30pm). You can book a ticket to this event here. Gates open at 7pm.
Or register complimentary for the Buster Keaton Screening when you buy a ticket to any other Film Festival screening. Buy a festival ticket here.

Twin Headed Wolf are twin sisters and creative partners from the West of Ireland. Operating primarily as a musical folk duo, they also have backgrounds in sculpture, performance art, ancient rituals, theatrical performances, circus skills and festival walkabouts. They have, over the past year, been exploring the boundaries of specific art forms and have attempted to construct performances that exist outside of any one particular discipline. They have taken their shows to many different spaces including art galleries, theatre venues, music venues and festivals. They often collaborate with an array of performers from various artistic backgrounds. Their ventures have brought them to such places as Glastonbury, Electric Picnic and Norway.

2014-05-21 14.38.29

During her residency Mackey made a type of ‘portrait’ of Killruddery Gardens using scientific methods of distilling plant material to produce different colour samples that represnet the various plants.

This ‘Portrait’ was exhibited in the Mermaid Arts Centre  from the 10th of May 2013. In her artist’s talk at Killruddery on the 26th of April, Christine Mackey demonstrated that her research-based practice is rooted in environmental concerns and the development of meaningful participation. Employing diverse disciplines, subject matter and tactics, Mackey creates work that can generate different kinds of knowledge of place – their hidden histories and ecological formations.

Creative Director Fionnuala Ardee writes; “It was a real pleasure having Christine stay and be part of our enviroment. I found her portrait of the Gardens really moving, in her calm and precise way it felt to me that Christine had channeled the Gardens’ self-portrait by distilling each plants essential colour and assigning each plant its place in a raw kaleidoscope of vibrant hues.’

You can find more information on Christine and her work here, get in touch with her on twitter @christineleitri.

2014-05-21 14.35.36

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We invited Nico and Martin to take part in another residency programme with us in 2014.

These two musicians who collaborate to create music, most often aimed at humans of early ages have, been developing a new show; Space.

In July Nico and Martin worked into the fabric of this show and the outcome was delivered in the Grainstore on Sunday the 13th of July. It is our pleasure to have been able to provide a space where they could ignore distractions, develop, and add new songs to their extensive collection of music for all the family.

Nico and Martin also treated Thursday night supper guests to an evening of international tunes. They were centre stage in The Enchanted Garden – Kids Zone at Groove Festival in early July.

You can find out more about Nico & Martin here.

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The Film Festival takes place 19th 20th and 21st September. The full programme is here! Tickets can be brought online here. Or booked in our ticket shop without incurring a booking fee.

fairytale day

Before the Ball:Woodland Creature Fairy Masks must be worn at the ball! And so Nicole and Shauna have gathered together some materials for you to create your own. You might like to add found woodland materials yourself! Find the workshop in the BOWLING GREEN and you will soon be ready for the ball!

We are told many fairy tale characters live all around Killruddery Gardens! We would love to know where! We hear there is a fairy house in the ANGLES…maybe you can find it? They say it has many doors.

Some of the great fairy tale books were written by The Brothers Grimm. We’ve set up a comfy tent for you to spend some time chilling and listening. The Story Tent can be found near the BEECH HEDGE POND.

More about The Enchanted Garden: This family arts festival was established in 2007 and over the years has been held annually at Killruddery on just one weekend in the Summer Season. It incorporated a playful mix of musical, sculptural, interactive performances all at once, in collaboration with Artists and often with the help of the Arts Council.
This year to spread the fun over the whole season instead of doing one big event we offer a series of nine smaller but boutique ‘Enchanted Garden-like’ events for children and their families. There remains two events in this programme:
Sunday the 10th August – Classic Kids, an interactive, classical concert for kids by the musicians that play at the ball today. This special concert will be held at 11.30 and again at 2.
31st August – The Last of the Summer Fling – a day of playful traditional competitions!


P.S: The fairy doors you will find here today, are kindly supplied by Irish Fairy Doors. You can find him regularly at Killruddery Farm Market – (which runs every Saturday 10-4!)