The Enchanted Garden

fairytale day

Before the Ball:Woodland Creature Fairy Masks must be worn at the ball! And so Nicole and Shauna have gathered together some materials for you to create your own. You might like to add found woodland materials yourself! Find the workshop in the BOWLING GREEN and you will soon be ready for the ball!

We are told many fairy tale characters live all around Killruddery Gardens! We would love to know where! We hear there is a fairy house in the ANGLES…maybe you can find it? They say it has many doors.

Some of the great fairy tale books were written by The Brothers Grimm. We’ve set up a comfy tent for you to spend some time chilling and listening. The Story Tent can be found near the BEECH HEDGE POND.

More about The Enchanted Garden: This family arts festival was established in 2007 and over the years has been held annually at Killruddery on just one weekend in the Summer Season. It incorporated a playful mix of musical, sculptural, interactive performances all at once, in collaboration with Artists and often with the help of the Arts Council.
This year to spread the fun over the whole season instead of doing one big event we offer a series of nine smaller but boutique ‘Enchanted Garden-like’ events for children and their families. There remains two events in this programme:
Sunday the 10th August – Classic Kids, an interactive, classical concert for kids by the musicians that play at the ball today. This special concert will be held at 11.30 and again at 2.
31st August – The Last of the Summer Fling – a day of playful traditional competitions!


P.S: The fairy doors you will find here today, are kindly supplied by Irish Fairy Doors. You can find him regularly at Killruddery Farm Market – (which runs every Saturday 10-4!)