KILLRUDDERY ARTS, established in 2006, seeks to create a stimulating dialogue between the generations through playful, experimental, interactive and established art forms. As an innovative arts company KA creates opportunities for arts practioners, engaged in various disciplines, to advance their practice through commissions, studio access and participation in two unique festivals.

KA is a catalyst for Cultural exchange and continues to explore partnerships with local arts organizations.

Various projects have been partly funded by The Arts Council and Wicklow Arts Office
World 2000 Productions, Ashburn and KEEL

In Developing the Programme, KA have collaborated with:

Rosie Lynch – Curator and Progressive Arts Opportunities
Chrissie Poulter – Professor of Drama and Community Arts.
Monkeyshine Theatre
Andrew Legge – Film Director
Kevin Brownlow – Film Director and Silent Film Historian
Daniel Fitzpatrick – Film Writer
Eilis Lavelle, Independent Curator and Exhibition Manager, Mermaid Arts Centre.
Nora Hickey and the Mermaid Arts Centre

Artistic Director: Fionnuala Aston-Ardee
Board of Directors: Fionnuala Aston-Ardee, Xenia Meath and David Newsome.