The Farm


Killruddery Farm is situated south of Bray, in between the Little Sugar Loaf and Bray Head. It is a large commercial farm of about 750 acres. We operate an extensive farming system, with best practice animal welfare, using minimal artificial fertilizer, with and acre of grassland per every sheep. We produce quality produce without compromising the diversity and ecology of our environment. We sell our own Beef, Lamb, and Firewood.

It can be accessed by visitors during the summer with the purchase of a season pass. There is also a riding trial, Nordic walking and a paintball centre. Various events are held on the land throughout the year, these can be charity walks, mountain bike events, cross-country running, drag hunts, motorbike trials, filming, and many more. The farm employs one man and a dog full time and two men part time.

The Farm has four main activities: cattle, sheep, tillage and forestry.

Cattle are bred all year round with two herds of cows and one bull. The cows calve outside in Spring and Autumn. Most of the calves are sold on to other farms before they reach a year old, and a few are kept for beef. If the bull is to be changed that year, some are kept to breed from. We have approximately 50 cattle at any one time. The main cattle handling facilities are based in the Garden shed.

The sheep lamb from the end of February to March in our shed in the walled garden. The lambs are sold to butchers and directly to homes from June onwards. Some 40 to 50 females are kept each year to replace older ewes. There are approximately 200 female sheep, which will have 300 lambs, and there are 6 rams. The main sheep handling area is around the middle lodge.

Tillage on the farm is mostly confined to the western end of the estate. Oats, barley, wheat, oil seed rape, and beans would be the main crops. They are usually sowed in Spring and harvesting takes place from August to September. Some oats, beans and barley are kept to feed livestock. Straw is also baled for bedding and food. All tillage operations are contracted in.

Forestry on the estate is divided into two types. Commercial Sitka spruce and old deciduous woodland. Sitka spruce is thinned every 5 years to provide small diameter wood for sheds, fence posts and firewood. It is clear felled after 45 years and then replanted. This commercial forestry work is contracted in. The older deciduous woodland is managed on natural regeneration and provides high quality wood for furniture making, joinery, and fire wood. There is a mobile sawmill and a kiln on the estate for this purpose.

Lamb is delivered fresh bagged and labelled packed ready for home freezing. If you would like to order a lamb, just download and complete our order form and post it back to us. We will then contact you with delivery times and payment options. If you live nearby you can bring your order to the ticket hut in the afternoons.

Firewood is produced from the seasoned hardwood of wind-blown trees from the estate. It is best ordered by phone or email on 0862730558.